Here are the best new AI features coming to Samsung’s Galaxy foldable phones

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Samsung harnessed the power and popularity of AI in its smartphones with the launch of Galaxy AI earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, at Unpacked July, the company infused its newest smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6<!–> with AI features, setting them apart from their predecessors. 

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Many of the new AI features definitely have productivity in mind with tasks such as meeting notes summaries, but there are also a host of visual applications that creators will gravitate to. To help you parse through the plethora of new AI features and identify which might be the most useful to you, I rounded them all up and broke them down into categories below. 

1. AI tackles productivity 

The best AI features are the ones that can help with everyday tasks, and the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is packed with them. Starting with Note Assist on Samsung Notes, the onboard AI helps users translate, summarize, and even auto-format user notes. Additionally, users can have their PDFs translated in the Notes app using the PDF overlay translation feature.  

The Composer feature in Samsung Keyboard automatically generates suggested text for email and, in social media apps, even creates text that uses your tone from previous posts. 

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Users can also incorporate the smartphone’s S Pen to create shortcuts for these features. Additionally, the S Pen features Smart Select, which suggests useful features like translation, and a new Sketch to Image feature, which provides users with image options based on quick sketches. 

To help users better communicate with different languages in their surroundings, the Interpreter feature on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 was upgraded to include a new conversation mode, which allows both participants in the conversation to view translation on the main and cover screens. The Live Translate feature, which translates calls directly on your device in real-time in Samsung’s native calling app, is even being integrated into some popular third-party apps. 

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Users can incorporate the smartphone’s S Pen to create shortcuts for these helpful features. Additionally, the S Pen has a Smart Select feature, which suggests useful features like translation or the new Sketch to Image feature, which provides users with image options based on sketches. 

2. Creator tools for the AI age 

Access to a good camera is only one part of taking a good photo; knowing how to take a good photo is just as important. Samsung’s new AI features help take the guesswork out of digital photography, automatically adjusting for factors like composition, color grading, and more. 

For example, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 features an AI-powered ProVisual Engine, which uses the AI chip to understand what you’re taking pictures of and optimizes the colors and sharpness based on the subject. Portrait Studio helps users create different portrait styles of their images, such as 3D cartoons or watercolors, as seen in the image below. Lastly, Instant Slow-mo allows users to slow down a video by automatically generating additional frames. 

<!–> Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6
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The Galaxy Z Flip 6 features Auto Zoom for FlexCam, which leverages the phone’s unique clamshell design for high-quality, hands-free photos. Auto Zoom uses AI to automatically detect the subjects of a photo, including the background elements a user would like to keep in frame, by panning in and out before adjusting accordingly. This feature could especially be useful for creators who are out and about on their own. 

3. Google Gemini integration

The Gemini app for Android, launched in February, allows Android users to access a more intelligent AI assistant than the typical ones that come preloaded on their phones. Samsung has now integrated the Gemini app into the Galaxy Z series to provide users with an AI-powered assistant accessible by swiping the corner of the screen or simply saying, “Hey, Google.” 

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Once users access the Gemini app, they will see a Gemini overlay, pictured above, which helps users get AI assistance with specific tasks such as writing an email or sending a text message, or invoking the multimodal AI to answer specific questions about text or images on the screen. Users can also click on their home button to activate the Circle to the Search feature to highlight parts of an image and get search results in real-time.


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