Buying a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6? This exclusive model is the one you should buy

Kerry Wan/ZDNET

Samsung today launched the newest generation of the Galaxy Z Fold series during its Unpacked event, making it year six for the phone-to-tablet foldable. If you’ve been following the journey all this time, then you know full well how far the product has come in terms of design, software features, and the synergy of the two.

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You may also be aware of the company’s tendency to offer online-exclusive colorways on top of the “general launch” options. This year is no different. Along with Pink, Navy, and Silver Shadow — which, I will say, all looked quite appealing during my brief hands-on session — Samsung is also launching White and Crafted Black through its website.

Let’s zoom in on the Crafted Black option, which flaunts a carbon-fiber-like look and feel that I’ve never seen before on a foldable. The unique material choice isn’t just a case or decal skin layered over the Z Fold 6’s back cover; it’s a sophisticated coating that gives the phone an extra touch of classy.


Depending on the lighting direction, the Crafted Black option gives off a clean, darkened shimmer or a patterned weave from one corner to the other. Here’s a shot I took when I tested the Z Fold 6 variant for the first time.

Kerry Wan/ZDNET

Of course, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I appreciate Samsung taking a bigger swing with the industrial design this time around. Beyond aesthetics, the textured finish of the Crafted Black makes the Z Fold 6 less slippery in the hands than the standard frosted back covers.

That alone may be an even bigger reason to opt for this colorway over the others — and it costs the same! Just know that you can only buy it directly from Samsung<!–>, so don’t expect your local phone carrier or Best Buy to offer the same thing.

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