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    How we test robot vacuums at ZDNET in 2024

    Maria Diaz/ZDNETRobot vacuums have become indispensable in the cleaning routines of many households — an estimated 14% of Americans now own one. You don’t have to live in the Jetsons to have a robot roaming around your home cleaning up after your kids and pets. Though iRobot was a groundbreaking robot vacuum brand in the US, the market has grown exponentially in the past five years. In an attempt to keep up with increasing consumer demand, new and existing vacuum brands have entered the robotics market, reaching the point of saturation. This has made it harder to choose a device when shopping for a robot vacuum. Also: The best robot vacuums for 2024: Expert tested and reviewedChoosing a brand and a robot vacuum can be challenging, with choices of self-washing mops, strong suction power, self-emptying dustbins, and other extra accessories and features. Our mission at ZDNET is to break down which features are best suited for which people and which vacuums are the best on the market through comprehensive testing and research. How we test robot vacuums in 2024 More

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    Don’t break your back while you deep clean. Use these gadgets instead

    A robot vacuum and mop combination is necessary for an almost effortless cleaning sessions. No one should have to declutter, clean, and disinfect everything to bust their backs vacuuming a floor — especially when robots are up for the challenge. The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra is one of the best robot vacuum and mop combinations I have at home. All you have to do to clean your floors is add fresh water to the clean water tank and empty out the dirty water every few cleanings. The robot vacuum can empty its dustbin at the dock, so you only need to replace the dust bag in the charging station every seven weeks. Also: I tested Roborock’s most expensive robot vacuum and found 4 reasons to buy itThe top-of-the-line S8 MaxV Ultra features 10,000Pa of suction power, so it picks up dust, crumbs, and all the pet hair on my floors daily. The mop pad vibrates to scrub stuck-on dirt and grime from your floors, while the FlexiArm extends to reach corners and under appliances where the mop pad can’t reach. More

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    3 robot vacuum shopping tips I wish I knew before buying one

    Beth Mauder/ZDNETI won’t say I love my current robot vacuum, but I’m grateful for what it does to keep my home tidy — and my sense of general cleanliness intact. There are many upsides to owning a robot vacuum, although certain factors should be considered before making a purchase. This article will explore the biggest pointers to be aware of as you look through digital catalogs and store shelves. Also: The best robot vacuum mops of 2024: Expert tested and reviewedKnowing how to sift through all the marketing buzzwords and find the specs that truly matter is what ultimately determines whether a robot vacuum is worth buying or not. See below for the top three things to remember. More