Buying a Samsung Galaxy Ring? This model gives you the best battery life

Kerry Wan/ZDNET

Samsung today is launching its first-ever smart ring, and you’ll never guess its name. I’m kidding. But did you know that, depending on which Galaxy Ring you buy, the battery life will be different?

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To be clear, this isn’t anything new. The larger the ring size, the larger the battery capacity that can be fit within the circular frame. So, for folks who are buying the ring in sizes 5 to 11, the battery capacity will be 18mAh. For those with larger fingers, specifically sizes 12 and 13, the battery capacity will be 23.5mAh.

The popular Oura Ring<!–> does something similar, with its smaller sizes (US 6) having a 15mAh capacity, while the larger sizes (US 13) have a 22mAh capacity.


Of course, not everyone’s fingers will miraculously fit the larger sizes, and the battery life of the ring definitely shouldn’t be the main reason to buy one. If anything, Samsung has come up with several health and fitness benefits of owning its latest smart ring, and they’re all just as nimble and burdenless to wear.

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In fact, Samsung tells me that no matter which size your finger ultimately fits best with, you can expect a good six days of battery life before needing to top it all up again, which is still better than your typical smartwatch’s endurance.

Due to Samsung’s (and the industry’s) made-to-order approach to smart rings, the smallest and largest sizes may also have a longer turnaround time, so if you want your Galaxy Ring as soon as possible, it may not be in your best interest to get one of the extreme sizes. 


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