This AI-powered robot vacuum is one of my favorites and just hit an all-time low price

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What’s the deal?

The Eufy X9 Pro is seeing a limited-time 39% discount at Amazon, bringing its price down from $900 to $550, but you can get it for $449 when you enter code EUFYX9PRO at checkout. 

ZDNET’s key takeaways

  • The Eufy Clean X9 Pro CleanerBot<!–> is available for $900.
  • It’s a convenient robot vacuum/mop combo device with impressive cleaning abilities powered by AI.
  • However, the dust bin is quite small and needs to be emptied manually after each cleaning.

The Eufy Clean X9 Pro CleanerBot–>, a new 2-in-1 robot vacuum, boasts a deep cleaning, hands-free mopping experience, coupled with 5,500pa of suction power. It also uses some impressive AI-powered navigation features to maneuver throughout your house.

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Initially, I was less than enthusiastic about trying out yet another robot mop vacuum (I’d tested a similar one recently), but once I watched the Eufy X9 Pro work its way across my home floors, my mind was changed.

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The CleanerBot truly lives up to the name, outperforming my old Roborock and the Yeedi MopStation Pro in vacuum and mop functions. The suction power, 5,500pa at maximum capacity, is outstanding. And the main brush is bristle-less, made of silicone wedges instead that are just as effective at cleaning floors.

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In my limited experience (as I’ve only tested this model for about a week), the primary silicone brush makes it less likely for the X9 Pro to get tangled, as it’s easier to scoop debris up than sweep it. 

The mopping function on the Eufy X9 Pro CleanerBot is one of the two features that impressed me the most. The X9 Pro has two rotating mop pads — which I love in a robot vac/mop combo — which put 2.2 lbs of downward pressure to break down tough stains, a particularly useful feat for my home of children and pets.

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The other outstanding feature, and probably my favorite, is the use of AI for navigation, obstacle avoidance, and mapping. The CleanerBot has time-of-flight sensors and an AI camera system, called AI See, that helps detect and avoid objects so the vacuum doesn’t suck up your kids’ socks or stuffed animals. 

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It also uses iPath Laser Navigation to create maps of your home, which separates the rooms by color in the Eufy Clean app and even shows you the obstacles that the robot has found in each room. When you review the map after cleaning, you’ll find things like power cords, shoes, and trash cans marked on the map. 

Eufy isn’t the first to use this technology for obstacle avoidance and mapping, but it is a great feature. I hate having to pick up every last bit of paper my kids dropped before I can start cleaning — only to have the robot vacuum get stuck anyway on a power cord somewhere. 

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The Eufy Clean app lets you customize settings for charging, cleaning intensity, voice, and more. And it also enables you to choose from the rooms that the robot automatically created on the map so you can send it to clean just that area, like a muddy entryway. You can choose to clean zones as small as 1.6 ft by 1.6 ft on the map in case of spills.

<!–> Eufy Clean X9 Pro CleanerBot

The Eufy Clean X9 Pro CleanerBot easily adjusts to uneven surfaces to cross up to 2 cm barriers.

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Beyond the AI See camera set, the CleanerBot has a sensor to detect floor types in case you’re running the X9 Pro in vacuum and mopping mode and it reaches a carpet or a rug. Once the robot detects a rug or carpet, it raises the mop pads to keep them off the mat and only vacuums on the soft surface.

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Here’s another thing I was glad to see: The X9 returns dutifully to its station to wash the mop pads rather than wait until they’re overdue for a cleaning. I don’t want to see my robot mop dragging dry, dirty mopping pads minutes after it should’ve returned for a refresh, but I haven’t found this to be a problem with the X9. 

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ZDNET’s buying advice

The Eufy Clean X9 Pro CleanerBot<!–> costs $900 and is the perfect option for someone looking for a robot vacuum and mop combination for a home with a lot of hard floors, whether that’s tile or hardwood, with some carpet or rugs mixed in. 

It doesn’t have a self-emptying dustbin, and the dustbin itself has to be emptied after each cleaning as it’s pretty tiny. Still, the mopping feature and the suction power are impressive, especially as the mop can pick up stains and dirt that my Yeedi MopStation Pro–> left behind. 

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