The best business internet providers of 2024

As one of two Tier 1 internet providers in this list (the other is AT&T), Verizon has more control over its network than competitors that have to purchase access from upstream providers. In addition, Verizon boasts that its services are available nationwide, although your location will determine which exact services are available.

Fios Business Internet is Verizon’s fastest offering. This fiber-based service is available in nine states, all in the Northeastern US. The company offers four tiers, starting at 200 Mbps and going up to 2048 Mbps, at prices ranging from $69 to $249 per month, with price guarantees that increase with each tier. All plans offer the option of a single digital voice line for your business for $20, and you can get additional discounts for bundling with Verizon Wireless plans for business.

Verizon also offers Internet Dedicated services, at speeds ranging from 1.5 Mbps up to 100 Gbps, with the fastest connection advertised as being suitable for data centers and cloud providers managing multiple simultaneous downloads of very large files. All plans come with strict service level agreements of 100% availability.

If neither of those services is available at your location, you can choose 5G or LTE internet plans. Be aware that these options come with monthly data limits, unlike broadband offerings. 

Unlike some of its competitors, Verizon charges additional fees for equipment and some services, so be sure to include the full list of charges when comparing prices.

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