Here are 5 new features coming to Google’s Chrome for mobile


Google on Wednesday unveiled some new features it’s bringing to the mobile version of its Chrome browser.

In a blog post on Wednesday, the tech giant said it’s adding its Chrome Actions feature to local search results, allowing users who search for places to have easy access to specific actions, like calling a restaurant, getting directions, or reading reviews. The feature will be available to both the iOS and Android versions of the app this fall.

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Next up, Google turned to tablets, unveiling a new design for the address bar on tablets that will be available in the latest update to the software. Instead of covering a website when opening the Chrome address bar to search, the updated design will still show the webpage you’re on, allowing you to go back to it if you don’t actually search.

Speaking of the address bar, Chrome’s mobile version for iOS and Android also will feature suggestions when you search. Based on what you’re searching, Chrome’s address bar will show relevant information about it. Google gave an example of someone searching with the term “schedules” and Chrome suggesting the local City Metro schedule to help users get to a possibly desired destination more quickly. It’ll be available in this update of Chrome for mobile.


For quite some time, Google has offered the ability to see trending searches in the Android version of its mobile browser. With its latest update, the company is adding trending searches to the iOS version, giving Apple device owners the ability to see what popular searches are happening at any given moment across Google Search. 

Lastly, Google’s latest Chrome mobile update adds the ability to set up customizable live sports cards in its Discover Feed on a new tab. After users add their favorite teams to the feed, Chrome will automatically display the latest scores and highlights from recent matchups whenever they open a new tab.

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Google’s new features should be rolled out to Android and iOS users this week, though it’s possible some users may not see them right away. The company didn’t say when its Chrome Actions features will be added this fall.


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