Best Black Friday VPN deals 2022: Save today on Surfshark, Atlas, and more

For these Black Friday VPN deals, we only considered reputable and trustworthy VPN providers. There are no shortages of VPNs out there, but there is a limited number of companies that provide secure and user-friendly VPNs.

Finding true VPN deals can be a bit tricky because the prices change frequently and with various subscription lengths and add-ons, it gets convoluted. Most VPNs charge less for longer subscriptions and the standard price for service is often advertised as a huge discount. But if the VPN is always available for 63% off, then I don’t consider that a sale. 

For the offers listed in this roundup, I based the discounted price on what I’d consider the standard offer rather than an imaginary inflated price that you’ll never have to pay. Many of these deals include additional months tacked onto a standard plan. These free months drop the average monthly cost but often the upfront price is the same, in those cases we’ve noted that the lump-sum payment hasn’t changed.

We didn’t include free VPNs in our roundup because free VPN services are a mixed bag. It takes money to run a VPN and if you’re not paying then you could be bombarded with ads or stuck with a subpar service. That’s in the best-case scenario. The worst free VPNs could make money by selling your data, so it’s best to stick with a paid service if you’re taking your privacy and security seriously.

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