Google's Fi VPN is coming to iPhones soon

Google is rolling out its virtual private network (VPN) service for subscribers of its Fi network that should help people when they’re using online services on public Wi-Fi. 

VPNs are handy, so long as you trust the service provider to route your traffic safely through their servers. The key question is whether you, as a device owner, trust the service provider. 

A VPN gives you a private tunnel over the open internet and ensures that packets are encrypted so if they’re intercepted by a government agency or hacker, they can’t be deciphered. 

VPNs are not foolproof but they work well enough in situations many situations, like at the airport when you need to access your online bank account or Gmail. Normally a decent VPN costs money, but Google throws it in with its Fi broadband service to offer a shield against attackers and marketers using a device’s IP address to track a location. 

Google has delivered performance improvements to its Fi VPN and moving it out of beta for Android phone users. 

“This means you can get the benefits of the VPN while also getting a faster, stronger connection across your apps and services,” Google notes. 

It’s also coming to the iPhone, bringing coverage to all of Google’s Fi users. “We plan to roll out the VPN to iPhone starting this spring,” Google notes. Google is also bringing its privacy and security hub to Android devices, offering users a shortcut to features available to Android users, such as its VPN. 

Finally, Fi users can expect free spam call warnings and blocking to stop identified robocalls and scams and the company is stepping up its game to protect users from SIM swapping scams.  

“Your Fi number is tied to your Google Account and comes with security features that protect your phone number from threats like SIM swaps — that’s when bad actors try to take someone’s phone number and assign it to another SIM card without their consent,” Google said.  

“On Fi, you receive extra layers of protection by default, including a robust account recovery process and notifications for suspicious activity. You can also enable 2-step verification for more protection.”

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